Dark Cloud

by Ghastly Find

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released February 27, 2017

All songs written and performed by Joshua Ryan (Ghastly Find)
Burning Bright written by Joshua Ryan and Sam Dasilva



all rights reserved


Ghastly Find Boston, Massachusetts

Experimental Punk/hardcore/ Post Punk band created by Joshua Ryan. Making music for my own sake. All songs written and performed by Joshua Ryan (Ghastly Find).

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Track Name: The Nightmare
dear god,
exorcise me I have a demon inside me
a sinner with no guilt
I’ve fallen from heaven for the thrill
I’ve pulled off my skin body of tin
no soul to be found
just a fucking bloodhound

where is the black horse? where is the sun? where is oblivion?

hollow inside bones of sand
a spade in the heart and an ace in hand
sing the blues devil's dance
ask for the world lose your chance

sometimes I feel like I’m losing my mind
sometimes I feel like that's a fucking a lie
Track Name: Moll Pitcher, Or the Fortune Teller of Lynn
moll pitcher, guide me back
I'm overboard and my ship is wrecked
the atlantic is cold, this time of year
my they teeth chatter from the fear
moll pitcher guide me home
sing me to the shore
don't leave me all alone
don't leave me alone
the waves they crash they break they sway pushing me under pulling me away
I should've listened to that old witch
she read her tea leaves and grabbed my wrists
don't go out she said to me
death is awaiting you in that sea
bring me back to ancient lynn
lead me back to the sand
my wife's face in my mind
let me hold her hand again
the waves they crash they break they sway pushing me under pulling me away
a light a light a light! coming closer coming closer coming closer
Track Name: Thousand-Yard Stare
shell shocked by a roman candle
catholic guilt built into this machine
I’ve read every book that I could
I stil don’t know what it means
as a leader I was going nowhere
tongue tied by a turn of phrase
I’ve led my brigade into battle
I haven’t seen my soldiers for days
up to my neck in shallow water
drowning to death in death valley
I prayed on a god I don’t believe in
the sharks are circling all around me
Im crying tears of joy from a broken heart
I prefer a bitter end to a fresh start
never felt more alive until I was left for dead
didn’t learn to speak until enough was said
Track Name: Wormhole
I’m alive but only at a distance
come closer and I am contagious
death wants no part of me
trust me as far as you can throw me
hands are shook, bones are broke, teeth are shattered
its the new look
cant they see that I am not fit for this world
cant they see that I am not fit for this world
I choked on my tongue on the way to the gallows
I scared myself to the death but it was only my shadow
I shook hands with god in a broken down church
I ushered him back with a funeral dirge
hands are shook, bones are broke, teeth are shattered
its the new look
cant they see that I am not fit for this world
cant they see that I am not fit for this world

look up to the sky and I pray that there is nothing there
Track Name: No Eulogies
stubborn as a nail hammered in your coffin
bought a local ghost just to complain about a haunting
tore up the floor boards to bury your dead
robbed a couple graves and started a family instead
picked up the scent like a rat on the run
under the full moon you fed on the young
followed her to bed like the eyes of painting
although she forgave you you were never worth saving

no eulogies, no one will remember your name!

she is a skeleton of her former self
you promised her heaven but dragged through hell
Track Name: Negative Space
cut the moon in half with a straight edge blade
blood runs a neon pink through the galaxy
black planets oscillating around yellow eyes
suns dissolve into puddles screams streak across the sky
there is negative space between us stars turn inside out
carcosa won't let us out.
Track Name: Burning Bright (Feat. Sam Dasilva)
you followed me with your eyes until i was out reach
"did he who make the lamb make what’s inside of me"
and i know and i know, that i’m never going back
i’ll wander at night when your home is painted black
to feel the cold hard dirt beneath my calloused feet
blood rushes from my throat between my shattered teeth
to feel the ocean breeze take over me
human is everything i’ve ever wanted to be

burning bright through the night like a memory pull me closer like the moon does to the tides in the sea be my lantern be my light through the ash and the fog all i ask is for love and all my love is gone

as i stare into his glowing yellow eyes
my heart beats fast knowing that i could never lie
to him. the truth it slithers right through his teeth
his skin like fire as he collapsed into me.
his wounds tell a story,
a man cast out of his home
his wounds tell a story
a man cast out of his home
Track Name: Giallo
buried alive with the key to you heart
unlock lock unlock lock
pushing daisies from a wooden box
love love me not love love me not
you killed me like you would in one of your paperbacks
poisoned the coffee made it looked like a heart attack

haunting your halls for the rest of my life
for the rest of the night for the rest of the night
you can't outrun the devil you can't outrun death
you've run out of time you've run out of breath
when will this all be over when will this all be said and done
Track Name: Dark Cloud
i’m fucking disgusting im a fucking disease
irish goodbye i had to fucking leave
i can’t get out from under this dark cloud
i can’t get out from under this dark cloud

i swallowed my pride with a shot and a lie
if im getting better why do i still want to die
i left my home without a single goodbye
white knuckle grip on my ticket to paradise
im full steam ahead on an unfinished track
every stride forward is pulling me back
we plunge to the river below
ive hit rock bottom with miles to go

my heart beats fast for my hands are slow
ive got nothing left ive hit new lows
old highs have turned to long goodbyes
the more friends i lose the longer the ride