Love is all that Matters

by Ghastly Find

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released December 11, 2016

All songs written and performed by Joshua Ryan (Ghastly Find)
Additional Vocals on Wytches by Sam Dasilva



all rights reserved


Ghastly Find Boston, Massachusetts

Experimental Punk/hardcore/ Post Punk band created by Joshua Ryan. Making music for my own sake. All songs written and performed by Joshua Ryan (Ghastly Find).

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Track Name: Lost in Carcosa
Lost in carcosa
what have i done to deserve this
black stars fill up my eyes
twin suns, uncanny moons in the sky

the dead sing to the yellow king
my heart burnt up in the atmosphere
the doomed hills of the valley
is where i lay my body at night

this black hole will bury you into another life one we’re you live forever and never fucking die.

i’m sorry for what i’ve done
day is upon us looking up at twin sons.
i’ve wasted years on revenge
i didn’t realize until i was with the dead

my hands are broken
like old coffin pine
reaching through the dirt
just to break my own spine

the flood is coming
no one will survive
it’s what floats in the water
that will lead us to die
Track Name: Prometheus Rewound
Prometheus Rewound

We’ve undiscovered the fire
prometheus rewound
and we discovered the liars
in a cave with shadows all around

with every step forward we go back in time
with every sense of nostalgia we live our lives

live your fucking life
Track Name: Love is all that Matters
a stranger in the shadow with hollowed out eyes
rotted tooth and black tounged that speaks only lies
a beautiful bride all dressed in white
one dead beat for a thousand sleepless nights

one thousand sleepless nights

If I take his life if I take his life
one dead beat for hundred wives
If I take his life if I take his life
one dead beat for hundred wives

one thousand sleepless nights

vengeance is all I seek Love is all that matters
demons follow me See you in my dreams
Track Name: Black Coffee
Black Coffee and neon tipped cigarettes
meaningless words full of regret
broken fingers fitted with wedding rings
a leper with a temper is crowned the king
don’t look back just move on through
destroy rebuild conquer the world
climb the mountain wanderlust
keep on moving avoid the rust
through the heart with a mammoth’s tusk
burn him down dawn to dust
Track Name: Marathon Mind
A penny for my thoughts
a fortune for your silence
marathon mind constantly running
I can’t blow out this flame
these people are all the same

i’ve got this rattlesnake mouth
too much bite too little comes out
i promised i changed my ways
too little too late
i can’t take back the words i said
i was just trying to get in your head
so venomous so wrong
i’m sorry i miss you you’re gone
it never stops like a well oiled machine
i enter back every time i try to leave
cross the bridge over and over again
spiritual enlightenment of perverted zen
hell is just again and again
Track Name: Wytches (Feat. Sam Dasilva)
The blood in my veins boil as i lead the charge
self-fufilling prophecy will take what i love
a cannibal on the battle field
like love in the heart
you don’t feel anything until it rips apart
rips us apart

standing on the shoreline three mothers telling lies
promising the world with the full moon in their eyes
i bit at the right hand of god and danced on the seven gates
stared my stillborn in the eyes and watched it as it sealed my fate

witches are the rats in the holes
witches are the old crows